Saturday, April 7, 2018

March - April 2018 random photos part 4

What we have here is a Caboodle Liza Layered Lace Skirt which I like a lot, paired with a tank top created by V-Tech actually (they make some excellent clothing for their own flat chest design), and below that paired with a Tee*fy Sophia Top that is not really designed for the flat chest but works pretty well anyway in my opinion -- I like them, I have several.  The stockings are Blueberry of course.  Then below we have a little black dress from Hypnose - Helen outfit, which is also not specifically for a flat chest but works pretty well.  It has a very short skirt.  I like it.  ^_^

Moon Amore does some flat chest stuff as I mentioned before, but in this case the design was NOT for flat chest and I had to improvise.  This is their Plastilicious Overall Dress in Pure, with the Plasticlicious Top&Shorts in pink -- except I'm not using the top for the set because it did some weird pixel bending thing since my chest is flat, and it wasn't designed for that.  Instead I'm using a pink V-Tech 2K Top which matches pretty damned well if you ask me.  The plastic dress itself is designed to fit over a different top, and I found that multiple flat chest tops worked with it, but the one from V-Tech matched best.  Unfortunately this means no graphic version of the top to match the bottom with the strawberries on it, but still, not bad.  ^_^

I bought the plastic dress in pink first, but that was a mistake.  I don't like how the colors look on the see-through plastic dress.  The clear dress is your best option if you buy this outfit.

Of all the things that V-Tech has made for their own  flat chest Maitreya add-on, this magical girl dress (technically called the Kokoro Symphony Set) is my favorite.  So far I've only bought the purple version, I'm not sure how many different magical girl dresses of the same type I need, but to get a magical girl dress to fit my flat-chested avatar was everything I could have ever asked for.

Which brings us to this fluttery bodysuit that I bought tonight.

This is the Rowne Aza Ruffled Bodysuit.  I had a couple of problems with it -- first, it doesn't play perfectly well with the Maitreya body it was built for, meaning I have to manually hide some of my torso so it doesn't peek through, and there are a couple of spots near the lower part of the body suit where this is impossible without making your exposed hip vanish as well, so you kind of have to live with it but mostly once you've hidden parts of the arms and torso it works well.  Second I tried to match it with multiple skirts from the Jeune by Rowne store and nothing worked.  I think part of the reason is that, from what I can tell, the Jeune by Rowne is older stuff.  The Rowne store is a completely separate store in the same sim; they're close to each other, but very much separated.  That actually confused me because I had the demo of this body suit for a couple of weeks, and when I went back to buy it, I was looking in the wrong store.

End result is that all the skirts from Rowne or Jeune by Rowne that I tried, the body suit stuck out through the skirt at some point.  Not good.

Also it's not really designed for the flat chest, but especially in black you don't really notice the difference.

On the flip side, my Caboodle Liza Layered Lace Skirt works perfectly with this body suit -- it even covers up the part where my skin pokes through at the lower sides of the suit.  I really like this skirt anyway, so that's just another reason to wear it.  ^_^  Who's going to complain about that?

March - Apri 2018 random photos part 3

I kind of got on a science fiction kick thanks to one of the Bryn Oh single scene poems, pictured above.  The first image is Kelly Eden in a bodysuit from The Secret Store -- Nova Bodysuit Polka.  I bought several of these as well because I absolutely love The Secret Store and the stuff they make that works with my V-Tech chest, and this suit was kind of sexy and retro and also futuristic, I couldn't resist.

The second image is my main account Jalia Oz.  I knew I had a cybersuit look for her, so I brought her to the same location and took some pictures.  After that I went on kind of a sci fi binge, buying outfits (including the same cyber outfit for Kelly Eden) and looking for nice sci fi sims to take pictures in.

Here we have Kelly Eden in the same cyber outfit that I had for Jalia Oz, for the most part.  This is an A&Y Nexus Cyber Bikini with A&Y Opiliones Cyber Legwarmers and Cyber Heels (everything is cyber!) and A&Y Cyber Queen Rebirth hair.  Also the belt is from Neurolab Inc, CB6 Belt (Medkit).

Right after this I decided to buy a gynoid/robot girl/android girl avatar.  There are some really good ones from Misaki Matsumoto, I looked closely at the Yuna Android and the Kita 1.5 Robot Girl, but eventually I settled on a much cheaper alternative while I considered whether I really needed multiple robot girl avatars.  This is the My Beautiful Robot from Strange Things, only 300 Linden and it satisfied my craving to be a cute robot for a while.  The hair is the A^W Cyber Queen Rebirth again.

Still in a sci fi mood, I donned my Nova bodysuit in red and began exploring.  Along the way I picked up some fantastic futuristic cyber boots.  These are the AW Design Kappi Boots.  These look fantastic, but have two drawbacks -- first, they're not designed to work with Maitreya (or any particular mesh body, even Slink feet), so you have to make your legs disappear.  Not too hard but you have to click on everything manually on the alpha HUD.  Second, these are very script heavy and that doesn't ever disappear, so there were some places I went where the sims were yelling at me for having too many scripts despite really wearing little besides the boots and hair.

Not for the first time it occurs to me that a lot of the really cool / futuristic cyber designers in Second Life aren't necessarily all that modern when it comes to actual SL clothing design.

March - April 2018 random photos part 2

A place called Tam's Trousseau has a collection of outfits designed for V-Tech.  These are not all new Maitreya mesh or fitmesh outfits, they are (as far as I can tell) slightly older outfits, usually with multiple pieces, but which are mesh and have been retrofitted for V-Tech.  They fit fine.  ^_^  But they are usually full outfits.

In any case, I wanted to post at least one image of some of the stuff I bought there, because it's another option for people with a Maitreya / V-Tech Boi body.  This is the Lady in Black outfit.

The boots you see in a lot of these pictures that lace up over the knee are from Blueberry -- the Celia boot.  I bought the fatpack so I could swap colors, well worth it, Blueberry stuff is always extremely well made.  This tank dress comes from Stories&Co by Flowey, another store that specifically designs for Maitreya V-Tech flat chest, so a lot of their dresses and outfits have that option.  I bought a lot of stuff there.

This is another of the Stories&Co dresses, the Fiona dress.

These are images from a weird and rusting merry-go-round from one of Bryn Oh's single scene poems, a kind of interactive art display.  This was a very interesting place to visit and take pictures.

The outfit is an Ariella Skirt - Bloom from Tee"fy and a Cindy Knotted Shirt top from The Secret Store, with tights from Sweet Tea Couture and Mesh Head Amie strapped platform heels.

March - April 2018 random photos part 1

I haven't posted to this blog in over a year, but I have been logging into Second Life once in a while and wandering around.  As per usual my activity mostly involves buying clothing for my KellyEden account and then posing her in various photogenic locations.  I won't remember where most of these pictures were taken from, but I can post a bit on the clothing that I'm wearing.  Most of this is with my Maitreya Laura avatar with the V-Tech  Boi Flat Chest add on, and almost always with a The Sugar Garden Baby skin, boi chest from Pink Fuel (designed for TSG skins) and Tokyo Girl Hair Bing -- which has been my favorite for a while.

This first one is the Black Parade Uniform in Navy from Curemore / Moon Amore.  They do quite a few flat chest clothing designs, so this is specifically designed for a flat chest.  The socks are from Blueberry.  I like this dress quite a bit but from certain angles you can see between the ruffle layers of the skirt to the character's body, which isn't such a good look.

The March Collabor88 offering from The Secret Store was this Daisy body suit plus skirt, which looks like a dress when you combine them in matching colors.  The Secret Store is another place that designs for Maitreya with the V-Tech flat chest.  Needless to say I fell in love with this look -- very girlish, very much suits my avatar.  I bought several different bodysuit/skirt combos, I probably should have just bought the fatpack sets.

Yet another example of the Secret Garden bodysuit/skirt, and one with just the bodysuit.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Flat Chest Maitreya

As I was wandering around SL again on one of my infrequent visits, I noticed that The Secret Store no longer says that their clothing includes a flat chest option -- instead they specifically mention it's designed for "V-Tech Flat Chest".  Immediately I had to find out what that was, and a quick Google search lead me to Valentine Technologies, which designs a flat chest to fit the Maitreya Laura body.  As I've noted before, this is one of the most popular mesh bodies in Second Life, and really, really well designed.  It's quite natural that people who want a mesh body for an effeminate boy character would want to work from a base like Maitreya Laura, so this flat chest conversion was pretty exciting.  I had to check it out immediately.

What the V-Tech attachment does is pretty clever.  It works like a clothing attachment that meshes with your body perfectly, and can be skinned with the same skin as the rest of the body using omega appliers.  So in order to do this, I needed to shell out 499.00 linden for the flat chest attachment itself, and then 99.00 linden (50,00 linden in-game with a 15 linden Omega Support Group membership), and then I needed to find a skin and applies to make it all work.  I already have a Pink Fuel skin with flat-chest options, but I wanted a new skin anyway, so I headed over to Pink Fuel first.  The V-Tech recommends them or Sugar Pill, but actually at Pink Fuel I found that they also carry V-Tech Boi chest converters for The Sugar Garden and Glam Affair, so that gives you four different skin makers to work with.

I decided after some shopping to pick up a TSG (The Sugar Garden) Baby skin, which was, I forget, about 800.00 lindens?  It seemed reasonable, but of course I also needed an applier for the Maitreya body and then the V-Tech chest applier.  I wound up grabbing the one from Pink Fuel designed for TSG skins, but TSG also had boi chest option appliers in their shop  that probably would have worked just as well.  I got the impression that the Pink Fuel had four options (regular, soft, atheletic, ripped) and the TSG option had only two (regular and soft), but since I need to match the top half of the body with the bottom half I'm kind of limited to the two options TSG has for the Maitreya body anyway.  I didn't explore this enough to figure out if I could get a ripped look for my entire chest, upper and lower.

Here's what I ended up with.  The skin tone isn't quite perfect between the boi top and the rest of the body, but I'm not sure why.  Maybe because I bought the Pink Fuel Boi Chest applier instead of just getting the Sugar Garden Boi Chest applier to begin with.

However this is miles ahead of anything I had previously!  A Maitreya mesh body with a flat chest -- who can complain?

One thing I discovered, and you can see it in the above picture, is that with the ultra-pretty, little-girl look of the Sugar Garden skin (which admittedly is what attracted me to them, and I specifically picked the Baby skin as the most girlish/childish in appearance to my eye, and with a name like Baby it's probably meant to be exactly that), when you combine that face with the girlish pigtails that I have and a flat chest -- well, the result is not so much a very pretty boi but a young girl.  That wasn't actually my intention, although I wanted a very girlish boy.  Kellyeden has almost always been very pretty and very girlish so maybe I shouldn't have been surprised.

V-Tech Flat Boi Chest for Maitreya Laura

Omega Applier System

The Sugar Garden Blog

Pink Fuel Tumbler Blog

Another clever thing that thee V-Tech chest does is that it turns off the chest sliders.  This helps fitmesh clothing designed for a Maitreya body with breasts to fit better without doing the concave chest thing.  You may find that quite a lot of Maitreya clothing will work for your flat-chested boi.  As examples:

This is a Lakshmi Orla Dress in pink and blue plaid, designed for the Maitreya body.  The chest doesn't lay completely flat but it still looks pretty good on my flat-chested character.

The top is one of the group gifts you can pick up from Blueberry.  As you can see from the first picture, there's a small gap between the top and the chest.  But really it looks quite good over all -- doesn't look weird, that's the main thing.  You can wear it and most people aren't going to notice that it's not perfectly flat.

(Pictures taken at Chelsea by the Sea, Balamb Garden.)

Next question is:  who makes clothing specifically for a flat-chested Maitreya body?

You won't be surprised that the answer is:  not many, and they're the usual suspects that I've run into before.

Fist of all, we have The Secret Store, which sent me on this quest in the first place.  On the downside they develop new outfits at the rate of about one a month (usually for Collabor88), so it will take quite a while before the majority of their store contains items that work with a flat-chested Maitreya body.  On the positive side, they DO create new outfits every month, and they always include the flat chest option / VTech Flat Chest option, so the clothing fits perfectly.  The above dress is their Rebecca Flare Dress, and the red jumper is their Agnes Playsuit, both very cute!

(Pictures taken at the Blind Pig, Balamb Garden, and at Rustic Retreat, DYNASTIC CITY.)

Valentine Tech makes a small selection of tops, dresses, and outfits designed for the flat chested Maitreya Boi.  The above is their V-Tech Tank Top v2.0 - Boi Chest, which can be colored with quite a few different coloring options, including a black and white see-through mesh if you want.  (The shorts are Addams Sienna ripped shorts.)

I had almost forgotten about G. Field.  From what I can tell the store hasn't changed much in at least the last year, although I found a Winter Princess dress with a Maitreya body option, which is a sign that this was added more recently than most of their standard-sized clothing.  The cool thing about them though is that they have a lot of standard-sized flat chest options, and I found that quite a few of these worked for me.  I had some of this already, of course.  ^_^  But I bought the pink Off-shoulder Aurora dress and Posy Scalloped boots in pink above this time around.  The black bibbed dress I had before, that's their Karen Bib Dress in black.  (The stockings are from Blueberry btw, and those shoes I keep showing are Tokyo Girl Keiki Janes.)


I found that quite a few of the dresses I was wearing required something for modesty's sake.  The Maitreya body has an underwear layer option of course, and that's probably your best option since it won't poke through clothing, but layers are kind of a pain to deal with -- you have to set it to a specific layer, and then you have to change it if you want to wear something different.  So I went looking for some mesh underwear that I could wear beneath a dress with few problems.

I found some good options at Asteria.  The white panties are their Lisa Panties; the black are from the Lia mini dress with panties, and the red Nomi harness top and panties really doesn't work as well for what I went searching for, but I liked it and it worked pretty well with the flat chest so I picked it up.

These LiX cotton panties come in six different textures (there's a HUD).  They seem like a nice option too.

Dead Dollz has some nice stuff.  The flowered bloomer panties in the very first picture are from them, but they have things that would work better for under a skirt.

If you want mesh panties, anyway.  Good layer-based panties work fine as I said.

Unless, of course, you want to make certain people know you're a boy.  Then you have limited options, but the bikini that V-Tech sells can work well.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Been Wandering About SL Again

I seem to wander around SL for a few days or a week 3-4 times a year.  Not much more than that -- I have other games that occupy my time, and I do try to write every week now.  Anyway I thought I'd post a few pics from the past few days.

I went looking for gothic lolita or sweet lolita clothing made for the Maitreya Laura body.  It was difficult.  I get the impression that the heyday of lolita fashion in Second Life was about 6 years ago, and that a lot of the Japanese designers and a lot of the smaller designers in general aren't around anymore (ignoring the fact that Bare Rose has been shoving out tons of lolita stuff for years -- I like their clothing but most of it is not specifically designed for Maitreya and is also a kind of cosplay/lolita hybrid, usually).

What I finally found was this dress from Kawaii Tofu, which is also not specifically Maitreya designed but worked well and fit the kind of thing I was looking for.  Shoes are Candy Doll Melissa in black.

This is an outfit from Avid Gothic called Byzantium.  This is the kind of "made for Maitreya" you find more of these days -- it's actually made like old system clothing, maybe even updated from an old design, but with appliers so that you can adapt it for your Maitreya body.  That's fine, the end result looks good, but it's still dealing with a ton of pieces so it's a bit more complex than just tossing on an outfit of 1-3 pieces.

This location for these two pictures is also at the Avid Gothic store.  There's a basement that you can go down into with long winding tunnels that comes out at this little secluded dock.  It was fun to explore and gave me a good photo shoot locale.  ^_^

Photo taken at the Plain of Jars.
In my quest for lolita clothing I checked out a bunch of old (mostly Japanese) vendors, and some are still around, although none were designing for Maitreya (no surprise -- my impression is that the popular mesh bodies were never that popular with the Japanese SL crowd).  But I found t his dress at Lo*Momo, and I liked it.  ^_^  Paired with Rowena heels.

Let's see if I can remember where all of this came from.  Actually, it's mostly Blueberry, which does tons of Maitreya stuff (I have spent a ton of money at Blueberry lately -- I have 220 Linden in-store credit in fact).  Blueberry Bonie socks, which are pretty awesome, I bought 3 different styles; Blueberry Kyla skirt I believe, shoes are the Candy Doll Melissa again, I really like those, got 2 different styles, and the top is from Vinyl (Azuchi + Vinyl) Ellie Corset/Top.  I think this is taken at the Village & BarDeco.

Here's an example of what I mean by 1/3 piece Maitreya-designed outfits.  This is one piece, aside from the socks and shoes -- the Minuet in licorice from Dead Dollz.  I really love this piece, extremely cute.  I may need to go back and get one or two more design options for it.

More Blueberry stuffs!  This is taken at Egoisme Milano, I think.  Blueberry Lola Bustier Top, Vinyl Military Cargos in pink (Vinyl does a ton of Maitreya as well), the Candy Doll Melissa shoes in Candy, actually... that's about it.