Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anime Girl (UTILIZATOR Avatar 2.0 Beta)

I bought a new avatar today.  After all, that's one of the things that I do in SL.

This is not technically my first full-mesh avatar, since that's basically what petite avatars are, and what some of the newest furry avatars are (pretty much).  But this was the first time I bought an avatar that is basically intended as a replacement for the default Second Life (female) body.

There are some downsides to this.  You can only wear mesh clothing and pretty much only stuff designed for this specific body, although some other things might work.  Mesh shoes and boots with alpha layers probably can work fine, prim or mesh skirts can probably work if you play with them, that sort of thing.  Pants and tops, not very likely, but I suppose it depends.  UTILIZATOR has several clothing options so you can make a nice anime-girl avatar, but beyond that your clothing options are almost non-existent at the moment.  Also, you get the one skin, which can be lightened or darkened, but no other options right now.

The advantages?  This body is very beautiful, with none of the weird bumps and strange artifacts of the default SL body.  It's designed to look good sitting or bending as well.  I had a really good test for this too:  an animated stand that I'd bought several years ago which had my avatar stretching and turning this way and that before bending over.  It always gave the old Second Life avatar fits, twisting up the waist and looking very ugly.  How would my new avatar fare?

(Old Second Life Avatar -- the animation really messes it up.)

(New Avatar 2.0 looks beautiful!)

Unfortunately the only way to truly appreciate the beauty of this new avatar is to see it naked, because that's where you see some of the biggest flaws in the Second Life avatar.  ~_^  But hopefully these swimsuit shots will give you some idea.

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